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CDC’s 8 Tips for a Healthy Spring

In the spirit of National Public Health Week, and today being World Health Day, we have some tips from the CDC on how to have a healthy Spring season that will build you up for a healthy life in general. While a few of these are self-explanatory, it never hurts to be reminded of the basics.

  1. Exercise! If you can’t exercise, then at least try to sit less and move more throughout the day.
  2. Make lifestyle changes to your diet to have healthy fruits, vegetables, whole grains, and leaner meats/dairy.
  3. Drink more water and less alcohol or sugary drinks.
  4. Prioritize quality sleep.
  5. Protect yourself from the sun. This is not just about sunscreen, but also about eye protection from UVA and UVB rays.
  6. Keep your smile healthy. You should be brushing your teeth twice a day and using fluoride toothpaste to do it!
  7. Quit tobacco (or other unhealthy addictions!).
  8. Learn about your extended health history- have a thorough recount of all pertinent biological family histories of cancers and other conditions.

For more information on National Public Health Week please visit

For more information on World Health Day please visit

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