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A Healthy Home and Your Health

When you think about health, you probably think about the human body and all the things that contribute to being either healthful or sickly. But what about where our bodies spend time… like our homes? June is National Healthy Homes Month at the CDC, partnered with the National Center for Healthy Housing. So how do we keep our homes, and subsequently our bodies, healthy? Well, the CDC has a guide for all of us to improve our living! Here are some highlights!

  • Unhealthy homes are connected to unhealthy bodies. Understanding how something like moisture/mold can contribute to asthma and respiratory issues and how to address those problems can greatly improve quality of life and healthfulness.
  • Cosmetic issues, like peeling paint, can be signs of a home in need of care. We take care of ourselves when we’re sick, and we need to take care of our homes too!
  • Healthy homes can lead to healthier lives. Proper use of cleaning products and decluttering methods can prevent illness, injury, the presence of pests, and anxiety.

If you want to find out more be sure to visit and download the CDC’s PDF A Healthy Home for Everyone.

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